App Diary for Dentist Demo

Diary for dentist Demo

The free version is intended for acquaintance with the basic functions of the application of the Diary of the Dentist.

In the free version, the number of contacts is limited to 25, and the number of events is 100. There are no restrictions in the paid version.

It was developed for dentists, but can be used in any profession.
Convenient contact list: each assigned its own value.
You can make your own list of tasks at work.
Flexible schedule-there can be multiple jobs and different drafting options.
The application allows you to keep track of payments, make weekly and monthly reports.
In the Calendar you can specify your own events on working and non-working days, color coding, if necessary, easy distribution of standard SMS reminders.
Advanced search for all text data.
Ability to add and store photos from your phone.
An encrypted database.
Import all data and settings to a new device via Bluetooth.
Scheme of work with the application:
1. Entering place of work data and scheduling.
2. Enter work contacts on the next working day and assign them a role (you can adjust the role type).
3. Enter a task for each contact on the next day, indicating the payment.
4. Events with tasks are entered into the schedule.
You can add and edit event types and task views.

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