App Emergency (Pro)

The app Emergency (Pro) was designed for those with a serious disease that can lead to the need for emergency medical care. This application will help the doctor or the person who will provide medical assistance to quickly see and get information on the major health problems of the application owner. Have pictures and data on height and weight of the application owner will allow it to identify and use health information, for example, data from recent tests and measurements, the number of health insurance police, even if he is unconscious. The color display and exclamation marks help doctor to quickly see the most dangerous medical problems. The application can be used to store medical data: the results of analyzes, surveys and statements from the hospital. In addition, this application can be conducted daily monitoring of weight, blood pressure, glucose, and insulin dose, prothrombin index, creatinine or cystatin C. You can make a quick  sms on selected addresses, or send a report on the measurements results to the doctor by email. The application will remember medication regimen, and will remind you of the need to accept it.

The app Emergency (Pro) provides the following set of features:

  • No ads
  • All important information on the main page
  • Quick access to medical information details (personal data, viruses, allergies, diagnoses, etc)
  • Personal photo gallery
  • Ability to get photo from camera
  • Pill reminder for medications
  • Measurements (blood pressure, glucose, insulin, prothrombin, creatinine, cystatin C, weight, etc)
  • Measurement charts
  • Structured documents collection (photos, research results, etc)
  • Contact list for doctors and relatives
  • Sending SOS SMS to all selected relatives
  • Sending SOS Email to all selected relatives that have Email address
  • Reports with the measurement results in PDF format as EMail attachment
  • Automatic location tracker
  • Widget
  • and more

Editing (add, delete, and modify) the information is password protected.
The measurement results are saved during 14 days in free version, while in \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Pro\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' version they are saved during 365 days.

The free version is intended for evaluation. 
It cannot send SOS SMS, and maximum number of documents is restricted. 

Free App Emergency:

App Emergency (Pro):



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